Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sorry This Is So Late

Finally, my pictures downloaded. I know, you are sick to death of my computer problems, but these unbelievably slow networks are not my fault. I spent way too much time waiting for a download and so gave up.
Back at the Barn. Don't you just love this darling little inconspicuous sign outside the entrance to the Crow farm? I do an inner giggle every time I see it.
Here is Nancy at our very first sit down for the first assignment. More on that later. I am just showing you stuff that I need to share with you.
Like my work space. It doesn't look like this anymore. It's tragically a mess. That's how I work; fabric on the floor and I look around and no one else works that way. Ah, well.

This was hanging on Jessie's design wall and I questioned to myself what it actually was. I thought maybe a color wheel but the placement of the colors wasn't right. So, I finally asked her what it was. She said that when she was buying fabric for the class, she started to buy duplicates so she put a swatch of each fabric color she had and took the fabric ridden coat hanger to the fabric stores with her. Very clever.
Can you guess what this is? It's a Gingher seam ripper that my friend Pam purchased at the quilt shop in Bradenton, Florida. It looks like art, don't ya think?
Here it is with the blade extended. I gotta get me one of these?


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Is it your computer or is it the internet connection?
Are you at the Country Inn?
There's is super slow and often non existent in the evening.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Is that Pam and Ann in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Wish I had known about the quilt shop in Bradenton when I was there last month! DUH! That seam ripper looks very cool!


Valeri said...

Gosh if I carried one of those seam rippers over here I'd be picked up and locked away! It looks like a flic knife and they are Banned! But pretty wonderful any way! I want one!I could still sew (and rip) in jail!

Robin, so. IN said...

Jo-Anns just had the Gingher seam ripper at half price. I had to talk myself out of it. It IS pretty.
Love your pieced pieces so far.