Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Mornin'

In preparation for guests for dinner yesterday, I found myself opening up a bottle of wine to use in my mushroom risotto that I had never tried before. Much to my surprise, the cork was white and decorated. It was quite a change from the natural cork or even the fake cork stoppers. This may be widespread and I am just getting in the loop.

To go along with the risotto I made porcini crusted filet's with compound butter. You actually take dried mushrooms and pulverize them in a food processor. After you salt and pepper the steak, you roll all sides in the mushroom. It was topped after being grilled with a tab of compound butter (I used tarragon and chives).
These two Connecticut girls (one, Lindsay, is donning a gardenia from my front yard) joined us,
along with Rick, a good friend of G's who was out fishing for twelve hours yesterday.
We had dinner on the lanai, starting off with a butter lettuce salad, bacon, dried cherries and a blue cheese vinaigrette.
I made a caramel confection for dinner. It was a lovely evening.

We went to a crazy dog show and will get busy and edit the two hundred pictures and give you a peek.


Cindra said...

That cork looks like maybe it is recycled plastics?

Robbie Payne said...

OK, so you need to share the caramel confection recipe! Looks like a cake we'll all need to make for Easter!

dee said...

Oh MY! Everything sounds so delicious. I'll skip it all and go right for the cake. Eat dessert first? Why not???