Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweeping Trough The South

The trip is a breeze. I drove north of Atlanta and stopped before dark at Comfort Inn. I ran into commuter traffic in the bowels of Atlanta but it's a no brainer if you are just going a few over the speed limit. I have kept my speed down to five over to make the trip less hectic and it really works. Even when I see a cop I know they aren't lookin' at me for their ticket. Yesterday I got up and was lazy, watching the news in bed; something I never do. I had an easy day in front of me so hit a local Best Buy, Target and Office Max. Target was the only one that got any of my greenbacks. I am looking for a docking station for home and down south but I think getting it at an Apple Store or on line is the way to go. I did look on line and see that Columbus has an Apple Store and may try and hit that before checking into my motel. Things are easier to do, especially when you are alone, with the GPS. I am currently sitting at a fine desk in my room drinking very good coffee in Mason, Ohio at the La Quinta. They really do have Internet here which wasn't the case the night before. I only have two more hours to drive today and don't have to be at Nancy Crow's until 4. Piece a cake.

I listened to The Simple Truth by David Balducci on my iPod and started Jodi Picoult's Harvesting The Heart. I have lots more books on my iPod and won't have to download for a very long time.

The weather has been dry and hot. I prefer cloudy when I drive long distance because it's more comfortable and you don't need sunglasses. Going north as the driver is good too because for the most part, the sun isn't beating in on you through the window from the east. Everything is budding in Kentucky and is a spectacular sight while weaving in and out of the rolling hills. I sound like I am doing a travel log !!! Enough already !

It's hard to post without a photo so here is Spike, a 13 year old toy poodle that is friends with Bella. He's like a queen (literally) on his throne. Joanne, his mom, swears that he's gay.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts the past several days. They have such a peaceful sound to them. The approach seems so healthy, and you may take away more from this trip / class than ever before. I am relating to these posts, because I have had to make myself slow down and enjoy some aspects of life that I often rush through. Thank you.
Rhonda M.

Cindra said...

We had a large black french poodle that used to live across the street. His name was Lucky Pierre. He acted a little fluffy, too, but it is all attitude and maybe what they think is acting french. Before he got clipped he was very interested in the ladies.