Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking Off

I am hitting the road today. I need to be in Baltimore, Ohio on Sunday and was gonna leave tomorrow but due to the fact that I have never driven this far in 37 years, I decided to leave early and make the trip enjoyable instead of hectic. The last time I was in a car that long by myself was 37 years ago. I was a young bride and unexpectedly had to leave Fort Polk, Louisiana - with out my new husband. G got drafted right out of college. Literally, he arrived home from graduating from undergrad and the draft notice was waiting for him. That was June of 1972. We were scheduled to be married in December. He went into basic training in September and I joined him after the nuptials. Not long after we settled into our trailer (yep, our first home was off base in a trailer park) he was transferred to Fort Knox for AIT (advanced infantry training). Wives were not allowed. Scared to death, I packed up the car and headed back north by myself. There was no mapquest at the time and when I reached the borders of Illinois I didn't realize I had to cross the Mississippi and I spent a good day going to different towns trying to find a way across the river. You just couldn't cross it anywhere. I remember stopping at a gas station for directions (for the millionth time) and two toothless men explained to me that I could take a barge across, or a ferry or go to St. Louis or Cairo. I can't remember how I ended up getting across but knew then and now that it was one of the first things I did in my life that was a grown up thing; not graduating from college without any aid or assistance, or even encouragement; not getting married at the tender age of 22. It was trying to cross the Mississippi River in the winter by myself.

When the computer went out my plans for packing up for the Nancy Crow class (hundreds of yards of fabric along with all the sewing needs) and the other packing to go back north for six months, went out the window, but I have since managed to get in all the farewell lunches and dinners and still have the car packed and ready to type in my destination into the GPS. My phone is now hands free so I can call everyone I know. My iPod is full to brimming with books on tape and I decided to treat myself and not drive after dark.

I will share my trip with you and share my experiences at Nancy's. I am going to enjoy myself; I am not staying at the Barn (where we work) until lights out (10:30 pm or so). I am going to get out of it what is good for me and not the self imposed manic production that I have done in the past. I am not doing a presentation (I have a massive fear of public speaking even if I know each viewer intimately) which takes a load off. And it will be good to see Nancy. It's been a couple years.
I am leaving my captain and
his first mate to follow me next week. They will actually arrive home before me. They will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun drive! Enjoy the retreat and come home refreshed and ready to create wonderful things!

dee said...

Oh God! I can't even express how much I'd love to be driving with you. What a blast. Safe travels Dear. You've got the right attitude.
Check in when you can.

Cindra said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy!!!

Irene said...

Have a great time. I'm sure they will miss you too, but I'm also sure who will give you the biggest welcome when you come home!

Daughter said...

I am waiting for my hands free phone call!

Safe travels,