Monday, April 20, 2009


We took the kids to our most infamous marina to see the animal life.
This is a massively fat pig; literally. These two little ducks were constantly antagonizing the
two pigs by nudging them with their beaks, trying to get them up and moving. This one was
and didn't even get up from lying down to eat; he just grunted and chewed away. When we got home we looked up different sizes of pot bellied pigs as pets. The smallest one is a teacup and still gets up to 40 to 60 lbs. I guess they take to the litter box quite well but the size just turns me off. Maria thought I should get one, due to my fetish of pigs. The decorative ones do me just fine.
I made a new batch of my current favorite soup - wonton. It has such a clean healthy taste and
Maria agreed. I made a lot so she better get slurping !!!
We took them out on the boat to try their hand at fishing and they got some nibbles right away.
Peter had a fake shrimp that was half it's size by the time they headed home. They were just brushing up on their casting skills for the next day when they were going out with a professional
boat captain that could take them to where the fish were biting.

And so, I packed them a lunch (something I LOVE to do)
and sent them on their way. They were gone for around 5 hours and the table was set and we were all set for a fish fry when the bad news came. No fish.
You can see that Pete was rigid with disappointment. His snook was around 22" and had to go back in the water and Maria's was 27",
which was just shy of the 28" cutoff for keeping the snook. I was very happy that I got to at least see a fish, if not eat one. It's okay tho', we had lots of leftovers and I got rid of them and we had Richardo and Karen over to meet the kids so we were guaranteed dessert. Check this out. It's like a truffle with no bowl. It has orange cake, pistachio pudding, cheesecake pudding, whipped topping
and coconut. It was delish and everyone loved it. Very interesting presentation. I was surprised how well it kept it's shape. Karen said she has lots of different combos that she puts together and one is just as good as the next. Bravo!!!

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dee said...

Never mind with the fish...just lets get to the wontons and that cake...OMG!
The kids look gorgeous