Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The A-Team

The first thing I thought about when getting ready for the five k breast cancer walk was, why in the hell do we have to start so early? And on Mother's Day? I had a wake up call at 6:10 a.m. What's with that? And to make matters worse, the Dunkin Donuts that I go to when staying in the city has been knocked down. That's one of the primary reasons for why we stay at the hotel we do. It is dog friendly and within two blocks of Starbucks (for G) and Dunkin (for Me); oh, and then there is shopping in any direction within one block. There is that. Actually the thing didn't start until 8 but Maggie was in charge of the A-Team tee shirts so I happily hopped on the 'L' and went down to Grant Park with her. I managed to get coffee at the Hilton (Starbucks watered down) and everything was fine.

The team names were very fun. Ours, The A-Team, had visions of Mr. T and some sort of mini van floating in my past memories.

I liked this name;
and this. Other ones that I remember are 'Fight Like A Girl', 'Healthy Hooters', and "Hot" Flash Dance. There were thousands of people participating in this very worthy cause.
At 8 am sharp the start whistle blew and I checked my watch, knowing that it will take us some time to get to the starting line.
It took 23 minutes and some odd seconds before we got close to the starting line. It was perfect weather for the walk; mostly cloudy (I forgot my sunglasses but had a baseball hat) and in the fifties (I layered my clothing).
There were sideline cheerleaders; how cute is that, and for a 3 mile walk !!!!
My Maggie decided to take the lead and burst out of our group to surpass everyone else. That little fit of adrenaline lasted approximately 30 seconds, and then she fell right back in the groove. You couldn't walk a normal stride most of the time; it was more like shuffling. Sometimes you were wide open for room and then it would go back to being crowded. This was not a place to power walk!!
Check out this picture my darling dil Maria took for me. She has longer arms and held the camera way over her head to show the view ahead of Buckingham Fountain and further back, Lake Michigan.
I myself, go for the more subtle forms of design. This ledge of water bottles caught my eye. Is this Green? No!!
The finish line is looming in my vision. It seems like we just left our huddle of fellow A-Teamers ( there were fifty something in our group) but that is not the case; it took us (that's counting the 23 minutes to get to the starting line) one hour and thirty seven minutes to reach
the finish line. That's about a 25 minute mile. What would Bob and Jillian say? Who cares, right? We actually would have gone faster had we known that there would be

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dee said...

What a great day you had. Fun...and cake!!! Yay.