Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Anne R. Parker

Lots of times I go to Nancy Crow's and run into someone I was in class with before. This time it was Rosario, Mary and Anne. Mary (from Minnesota) was in a Carol Soderlund class a few years ago with me and this year she was in the lower class rooms at the Barn with Kerr Grabowski doing all sorts of delectable fabric screening and manipulation. I have already mentioned Rosario (from Spain) and now it's time that I shared another beauty of a person with you.
This is Anne (Parker) who isn't smiling in this picture because she was explaining one of her new works and getting photographed by sixteen others while she was doing it. When I first met Anne, she was living in the Northwest (Oregon or Washington, I forget which one - Oregon is feeling right ). That was probably three or four years ago. That was then, and this is now. How things can change. When her beloved Dave died and left her alone, she mourned, put the house on the market, and moved to VIETNAM !!!!! She told me she always felt like she would end up in a foreign country but she was thinking Mexico, where there was a comfort level; that was until she visited Vietnam and then she knew that was where she wanted to live. She literally reduced her life to two suitcases (and three boxes she left in storage that are still in storage). It's hard for me to grasp; it's so drastic but she LOVES it. I have badgered her with questions and found out that she has a blog, and I suggested that she blog about all the differences she encounters there, versus here. For instance, the houses have no ovens ,so baking is out of the question and the Vietnamese sleep on hard surfaces, not the soft downy mattresses that we are used to. Lots of things that we take for granted are nonexistent there. This is a close up of her newest work that is in the picture of Anne above. It's not quilted yet and I think she said she was still working on it when she came over to the states.

Since I have seen her works I have decided to take the Best of Strip Piecing class at the Barn in the fall which was Anne's starting point in all these beautiful pieces.

This is another new piece that is not quilted yet. I just love the color palette that Anne uses.
Can you pick a favorite, because I can't. Sorry about the clump of fabric and ott light that is barring you from seeing the lower left of the quilt. I need to freshen up on my photographic skills.
Actually, I think the color palette in this quilt is my favorite. I am so lovin' these pieces.
Anne has decided to buckle down and work on just cranking quilts out for a couple years. She feels like she needs to produce and find her own style. I am thinking that her style is just fine where it is right now !!!!


Cindra said...

It is hard to imagine moving to live in a foreign country, let alone one with a serious language barrier... and to whittle one's life down to two suitcases? I can't imagine. Love her quilts.

Melody said...

I have been visiting Anne's blog regularly and have saved her quilts in my Quilt I love file. So wonderful and such a great palette, I agree. Kinda makes me like brown!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence? I have been reading Anne's blog now for close to 2yrs, I am sure. I wanted to know her source for cotton in Vietnam etc. Never received a reply to my questions but then I guess being an Anon, she mightn't have wanted to talk to me. She is a very inspiring woman and seems totally fearless.

dee said...

I can't wait to read her blog and I love the brown as well. That's not a color that normally moves me at all but here piece is very vibrant and static. Love it.