Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back To Normal

We all had a great weekend. I was not the normal photo taker that I tend to be and I have no reason for that other than the fact that I did a lot of flitting around.
I took this picture just because I think that it is such a lovely vase of tulips and it is very spring like.
This lovely heart quilt is the second completed by my sister Mike. The binding is on in this picture but not sewn down in the back yet. She did a beautiful job of quilting (she took this pic and didn't take a closeup - maybe you can see the quilting when you click on it). It has pictures of a very loved dog (who has since died) and the kids in the family with the dog. Oh, it's for one of her friends. Mike worked on four quilts and completed two. She goes like gang busters !!!!
Peggy made this very smart looking lunch bag for her future DIL Jennifer for her birthday next month.
Check out the great fabric and it's from, of all places, JoAnn's !!!! Peg made a little zippered tote to go inside and why I didn't take a picture of it, is any body's guess.
Jean Ann took the opportunity to use my big design wall to organize these blocks that she had already sewn but now needed to put together. We all had to put our own two cents in what goes where. It's a collaborative thing.
Here's the start of the organization of getting all the stuff that came into my house on Friday, back small enough to get back into the car to get home. It's as if things grow here.

I am going to my first one to one for my Macbook. It should be very informative. I have notes to take with me.

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BethB said...

OK spill the beans, what's the pattern for the lunch bag?? Tres cute!