Friday, May 08, 2009


I got to thinkin' about spring cleanup in the yard; I am never anxious to get to remove the fallen leaves out of the plantings in the fall until the spring. I think that they are sort of a barricade and blanket (quilt) for the winter. Now, tho', they just look messy and need to be removed. Also, I wanted to decide what to plant in my little herb section of my front garden. After a little stroll in the garden I was very surprised to see that the flat leaf parsley made it through the winter and is already big and healthy. The other herb that survived and didn't surprise me in the slightest was the container

of chives. I have made the mistake of planting chives in the ground next to things that were completely taken over by them and multiply and multiply year after year. It's a bear to get rid of. Thankfully, restricting it to a pot was the way to go. I will need to plant basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, tarragon and dill. That should do it. G is preparing the tomato garden too. He got his green jeans out of storage.
Check out this curly willow. It shared my winter pots with evergreens and ribbon. When it was planted (it came from a florist) it had no buds on it; it was just used for the graceful shape and height. I was more than surprised when I returned north to see that it had taken root and was budding grandly. I absolutely love it. I am guessing it's gonna last so this year I will forget the geraniums and just put some bacopa in as ground cover.

My crazy evergreens are looking well and have survived their first winter successfully. They all have lots
of new growth.
I did not leave the doctor yesterday unscathed. I almost thought I would leave without yet another biopsy but at the last minute he decided that a small growth on my shoulder needed looking at. Oh well, better to safe. I never did get to Ikea. I left to take Bella to daycare with two hours and forty five minutes to spare before my appointment. On the best day, the office is almost two hours away. Traffic was horrible and I ended up with only fifteen minutes to spare and that's not enough to get from the parking lot to the second floor of Ikea. To make matters worse, the doctor was 45 minutes behind (typical). After all that hurry up and wait, I had no desire to go to Ikea. Another day perhaps.

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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I feel your disappointment and frustration! But it is much better to be safe than sorry.