Thursday, May 21, 2009


The news came back and I have basil cell cancer on my shoulder. Not the first time and on the same shoulder. I will have that little bugger taken care of next week. There's nothing like a wound that you have to attend to each day, that due to the new way they have you mend, it will take all summer!!!

This spring air is bothering more that just us humans. Bella is allergic to something air bound. She was making these real guttural sneezes and after she coughed up a little blood, I zoomed her into the vet. It was probably just a little blood vessel that ruptured during the sneezing fit but now she is on Chlorpheniramine (4MG). Miss Bella has not sneezed since on the medication but she is a little lethargic and quieter than normal. She only has to take 10 pills so at least that's a good thing.
I usually do some flowers that are more in the red family but my eye caught these yellow petunia's and I couldn't resist. I can't recall seeing that color before. I decided to put in a bit of purple for a little 'pop'. Just as i was writing this I realized that these are the same colors of my new piece I showed you yesterday.
That's kinda weird. Do we have different color schemes that are floating around in our head? It's lookin like it.

My curly willow is doing amazing. How this just started as filler in a Christmas planting, must have lain dormant while the winter finished it's business and then took root and started to blossom. I added some bacopa to give it a little flowerly feel. I hope the willow lasts the summer. It suits the house.

I have herbs all over the garden; rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mint, chive, sage, and basil - lots of basil. We decided to stick it all around the yard and see how much can get harvested for my pesto in the fall.
The tomato pen is planted with only five plants. We seem to put too many in and then the overcrowding leads to a less productive crop. I can't wait for fresh, home grown tomatoes. Yum.


Anonymous said...

I have often heard teachers say that students wear the same colors of the fabric they are working in...hmmmmm So, I'm not surprised you chose those flowers...and they look lovely!

dee said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder.
Miss Bella has my sympathy-it's allergy season here as well. We are all walking around in an anti-histamine fog.

I love those colors and the piece you're working on will be wonderful when you add that amazing quilting that you do. Seeing what happens when you quilt a simple design is very cool.

Cindra said...

I love that willow! That is neat that it just took root.

Sorry to hear about the shoulder... it's no fun. So good that you caught it.