Monday, May 11, 2009

Fox and Obel

We had a lovely time, all us girls, catching up and celebrating both any old birthday, that came and went or was on the way and Mother's day as well. Linda and her lovely girls, Melissa on the left and Elizabeth on

the right, have much to celebrate. Linda found herself a grandmother of three in the span of thirteen months. Now, that's what I call good luck. They are in the birthday mode having had a first birthday of Will Cooper in April, a second birthday only yesterday for Miss Morgan and Jack will turn one next month. That was a lot of onesies for a while.
My girls, currently both redheads, also came to catch up and enjoy some lunch and the company. We ate at Fox and Obel , in the heart of River East in Chicago. Everything was yummy but I gotta say, and I'm not much of a dessert girl, I went crazy for Maria's choice - Milk Chocolate Tart.
Now these little beauties are individual size, around 4" in diameter. I just loved the subtleties of the flavoring and the little hint of caramel that graced the bottom of the ganache. Yum.

Maggie chose a fruit tart, reasoning that the berries are at their peak. She chose well. I made her more than one fruit tart after I learned how to make them in culinary school. The only difference is I didn't put powdered sugar on mine and I put a thin layer of pastry cream between the tart and the fruit. I declined any dessert, knowing full well that I would eat the majority of theirs, and I didn't disappoint.

The truffles in the display window got my full attention. Look at these tiny little taffy apples, made with caramel apple ganache. They are about an inch in diameter.

These tiny little truffles are little coffee cups, complete with the foam.

These are razzleberry cream cones. These are all very tiny.

These are lambs or pigs and are as cute as can be.

I am fairly confident that these white ganache truffles are little cats with curled tails. I could have tried each of them but then, I would have had to rob a bank to afford them and then join Jenny Craig to get rid of what they did to me!!!!
We enjoyed the store so much that after the breast cancer walk (will share that tomorrow) G, and Maggie and I hightailed it back to the store to do some serious grocery shopping. I am looking up Jenny Craig as I type.


Cindra said...

I swear the chair grew tighter around my bum as I read and goggled the yummy sweets. I am not at all sure I am going to be able to pull my plump derriere out of here. I do love sweets... darn.

maggie z. said...

fantastic shot of you , maggie and maria~ looks like a good time was had by all...