Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Go Shopping

I was just playing around with the site meter, which is the website that counts my hits on the blog and not for the first time I checked out where my readers were from. I have many consistent addresses that I see repeatedly, due to where my friends and family live (yeah, I know you read my blog) but I have many people that live in other countries. To me, that is so cool. Just because we ended up in different parts of the world doesn't mean we don't have tons in common, right?

Let's go on a shopping spree, before I hanker down and finish my latest project. First up, pasta.

I am a sucker for packaging, even if it's going into the trash (which makes me less green that I'd like to think I am). The first, orzo was purchased due to the grommets on the top of the bag. Yeah, I liked them. The middle pasta just looked cool, like radiator pasta only long (about 10 inches) and tied with raffia. The tortellini speaks for itself; it's tiny and will make a nice starch in soup.
The snobby recipes I see lately call for dutch processed cocoa rather than the Hershey's that I buy so I thought I would splurge on that. I always get this kind of vanilla and am almost out due to the Christmas baking so I purchased that along with a couple vanilla beans because they weren't ridiculous in price like they sometimes are.
Ahhhh, salt...... Who knew there were so many? Check out the little shovel scoop on the szechwan seasoned salt. How could I resist? And to think we managed with Morton's for all those years?
I never had a caperberrie until I went to the Crow Barn and Margaret, the fantastic chef, put one in our Nicoise Salad. They are gigantic capers, and very good. Along with that we got some chipolte flakes and a different brand of hot pepper giardiniera (great on salmon).
Did I really need the mango vinegar? I'll let you know after I pair it with this new olive oil.
Wasabi, Albacore tuna packed in oil and anchovies (because I like the little fork taped on the side) made it into the shopping cart.
This was the first thing that made it into my cart. It's microwave popcorn that is
still on the cob. I will let you know how it turns out. They also had popcorn spray that was tarragon flavored; I took a pass on that.
I have been on the prowl for celeriac (or celery root) for some time and plan to make a nice bisque out of it today. It has a wonderful flavor but it quite hard to find; at least where I go shopping. It kinda looks like brains. That reminds me of Grey's last night.


Cindra said...

Are caper berries as good as capers? Do you put just one on a salad? I love the packaging, too. I think most of us are guilty of that.

dee said...

Oh now I have to look for the caper berries. They are about the sizer of a large green olive...right?
They have them on a fancy salad bar near me and I try not to look to conspicuous by picking out half the berries myself. I would love to find them to buy. Yum!