Monday, May 04, 2009

Margaret Wolf

I don't know if I have ever mentioned the meals we get at the Barn while we are creating our art. The Barn building itself is open for our use from seven a.m. to 10:30 p.m. There was a time when I used all of that time; not any more. Anyway, back to the food. From around 8:30 in the morning there is an array of coffees and teas for our use. Lunch, a snack, and dinner are all included.

I took a picture of the first two days meals so you can see that we are well taken care of.

I wanted to take pictures of every menu but for some reason Wednesday wasn't posted so I thought the chain was broken and so didn't take pics of Thursday and Friday even tho' they were posted.

There is always a bowl of fruits and
then there's the chocolate bowl. It starts out with chocolate supplied by the Barn and then each of us who imbibe add what ever we want to the bowl. I stay as far away from the chocolate bowl as I can get.

Margaret Wolf is our chef. She hails from the Northwest and joins the Crow family several weeks a year to prepare delicious meals. Even when we take off at the end of the session on Friday evenings, she
prepares a 'to go' cookie bag for each of us to take with us for a treat while going home in what ever mode we have chosen.
Even her tags on the bags are adorable. My sister said that they are made by stamping on these tags you get
in stores that carry scrap booking supplies. I just love her monogram. Margaret's cooking is so popular that
she has created a cookbook for our enjoyment. I am gonna sit down and check it out one of theses days.


Anonymous said...

So when do we get to hear about your birthday bash??? And food??? And presents???

Cindra said...

You certainly were well cared for. I am afraid I would have had trouble staying away from the chocolate bowl. Maybe if it was far enough away I could walk off the calories.... no.