Thursday, May 07, 2009

More Barn Stuff

I have the Crow Barn on my brain. I was so motivated there and I have already finished a piece (am facing it now) and have half of another partially done. That is definitely on a roll for me.

Here is a picture of our class, without Mickey, who was outside on the phone. It's a very small class because it's only 14 and the upstairs studio can hold up to 22. The economy is the blame. You can barely see Pam, peeking her head out of the back, farthest row. We took this picture to give to Margaret as a thank you.

I am showing you this only because I spent the better part of a day working on it. It is about 60" wide and 70" long. It is supposed to be more circular and look like it comes out of a circle in one corner (the left) but working with this massive size was cumbersome at best and impossible to manage in the way I was dealing with it. It is based on a design I drew on paper and that's something I rarely do. In fact, I drew two designs that I actually liked and still intend on making. This purple egg yolk started out as a grand idea but in the end, it just wasted about five hours. Chalk it up to a learning experience.
I gave a mini tutorial on Dale Fleming's seven minute circles for the class. I just googled Dale Fleming and HGTV and found out that I am mistaken. It's a six minute circle. I told all my classmates that it was a seven minute circle. Will they ever forgive me? It must take me longer than the average Joe.
Check out this fabulous fish (a Blue Gill) that Nathaniel (Nancy Crow's son)

sculpted out of wire. It looks one dimensional but it is three dimensional in reality. It was gifted to Rosario the last hour of class because last year the family was in Spain and visited the wonderful hostess.
This is fabric that Rosario gifted to me. She overdyed this curvy black fabric that she got at Ikea (there are two Ikea's in the Barcelona area). I love it.

I am going to my skin doctor today (long overdue) and sail right by an Ikea that I have never been in. Is today the day?


Anonymous said...

Hope your fabric gift is large enough to work with your birthday goodies. Can you see the connection?

Cindra said...

I hope the skin doctor visit is uneventful.
I hate when you get this really great idea in your head... you have this perfect picture and it is so cool and then when you try and create it..... phlttt! Nothing. Can't imagine that happening to you though.

Maggie said...

Aunt Mike's cards are stunning. Did she draw the tree. I really love that one!