Saturday, May 02, 2009

On The Road !Again!

I am about fifteen minutes away from heading home. My sister is coming to my house for a visit (we miss each other) and I told her I would be there at a certain time so I am under the gun to get home. My GPS is taking me home in a manner that I have never taken before so I am at it's mercy. I drove for three, almost four hours last night so I would have an easy end of the trip today. Class lasted past five p.m. yesterday and so, after breaking down all my 'stuff' and loading it in the car, I got a bit of a late start on the commute home. It was pouring rain the whole drive.

This was day two of my five day stay at the Crow Barn. It's kind of a growth. I laid out all the fundamentals on the design wall; just strips of fabric. It's just to get the idea.
My colors are white, off white faintly blue) and a little light pink to throw into the equation, and different medium to dark blues.. We were to limit our color palette.
Then I started piecing the left side. I started getting a religious feel; it looks like it has a liturgical feel to it. I grew up in a Lutheran church and we had a lot of this type of thing hanging near the altar and it was what I thought of every time I looked at it.
Here I have added more vertical lines and I liked it alot but knew I needed a lot more verticals.
Here is the final piece, complete with lots of verticals. I am very pleased withe the final quilt top. The assignment is to use line (very thin line ) and have a working relationship to the background (shape) .

A bunch of us signed up for another five day class in October. I am already looking forward to it.

I had a wonderful time at the Barn. Everything was perfectly in sync, down to the new friendships, old renewed friendships, and hey ! the art. Bottom line: the best time I have ever had at the Barn. The group was amazing, Nancy was a joy and I had absolutely no stress (always created my moi) and so that's a good thing (thanks Martha !)

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Candied Fabrics said...

OOh - this is a nice top - can't wait to see it quilted! Have a great trip back home!