Friday, May 22, 2009


I am in the process of redoing my kitchen (in Florida) and I am starting to dread the emails that come from the contractor. So many questions that I have to answer that I could have done much easier standing right in the kitchen. We are so spoiled now with our trash holes in the counter and want the same thing down south. I now wish I was more thorough before I left on the specifics because when you have changes made while not there, it's hard to change, after the fact.

There will be a full house this weekend. Starting in just a few hours I will be joined by my sister Mike, then a couple hours later, Anne, Peggy and Jean Ann will join us. Tomorrow Sue, an instructor from Janesville's Quilt Center, comes for two days to teach me and any of the girls that want to learn, to use the new long arm. As long as I need instruction on the changes from my old machine to the new one, they may as well learn too. I think a professional teacher would do better that moi. Normally you go to Quilt Center for two day instruction, but because I made my trade in deal in Houston, I get a home visit instruction. And anyway, I have been to Janesville already this week.

I was very excited to answer the doorbell yesterday and find Genie there. She flew back from Florida and after visiting Ireland with her hubby and the kids for a week starting on Saturday, she will be here for the whole summer !!!! Things are lookin' up. We did a little catchup (where your ears burning?) and went out for a hot dog for lunch.

Regina is always camera ready (she learned from the best) and she snapped these pictures of this crazy dog contraption at the St. Petersburg Farmers Market. She knew that I would love them. The umbrella this chick is carrying is a dead ringer for one I purchased at that Japanese Garden place I went in the winter.
Notice how breathable it is. The dog seems to be oblivious. Hell, would you complain if you could be carried everywhere you went? Not me.


Cindra said...

Sounds like fun weekend plans! Take a photo of the long arm and the class. I would love to see your setup. (Are we allowed to request specific photos?)

Anonymous said...

Those umbrellas are used by Japanese women in the summer to maintain their 'winter white' complexion. Somehow having 'browned' skin would categorize them as being outdoor workers/laborers, and that is nothing to be proud about!