Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sittin' On The Dock

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? The girl knows how to relax. She just pooped out after Danny Gokey got kicked off Idol. It was a very stressful day.

Finally, I bit the bullet and ordered the docking station. After visiting many, many websites and two Apple stores I decided that I was capable of ordering this $140 item (that could not be returned). I ordered it on line (BookEndz brand) and even got a call as to whether or not I had ordered the correct thing. I closed my eyes and said fanatically "YES". I had to make the decision after these past few months of hemming and hawing.

It came last night and I have been transferring cords and doing a little very needed dusting this morning.
The dock literally fits in all the hubs on the side of the laptop. Then the actual parts (keyboard, monitor, printer, etc fit in the hubs surrounding the dock. How clever. Now I know why the Mac has a magnetic power cord; it needs to fit in awkward positions. When I want to disconnect I just pull the Mac out of the dock. I have another power cord for traveling.
Now, instead of having a laptop for travel, and two separate computers, I have one, that is backed up regularly and has little chance of crashing.

I went to the Apple store in Chicago last weekend and signed up for the One to One which, for $99, allows me to have 52 (once a week) one on one sessions with a knowledgeable Apple specialist for 50 minutes. I am quite sure that I will not make the trip once a week, but it's nice to know that I can write down my questions and have them answered for me. Eventually I can leave poor Carol alone about all things Mac.


Cindra said...

Isn't that a wonderful price for one to one training? A great consumer pleasing plus!
Your setup looks fabulous.

I am still mourning Danny's demise, but I knew Chris was coming on strong with the teenies and tweenies.

dee said...

Look at you all techified. Looks good. Hugs to Bella.

Anonymous said...

Spoilt dog!

Now you can share one of your 'puters with someone dear and close!

Rachel said...

Adorable poochie! Funny how dogs end up laying. Mine sleep upside down with their legs in the air.