Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuff Around Chicago

I was more than a little surprised when I looked out of my 24th floor hotel room and saw the top of this building all planted. I thought at first that it may be family plots but on further inspection it appears that each
of the patches are planted in the same type of growth. I then thought that maybe it belongs to a restaurant, where they grow their own herbs, etc. Gordon said that now, when you build a new building, part of it has to be green (or some such thing: I really wasn't listening) but this is a building that has been around for quite awhile; I have been parking there to go to Bloomingdale's for as long as I can remember. Anyway, it was very interesting to see.
I heard a knock on the door and assumed it was G, who joined me via the train (due to a very important golf game) but no, it was this tray of goodies. This is new; with the bad economy they are trying to entice us to stay in their hotel by fattening us up. G walked in and in thirty seconds, the charming morsels were gobbled.
I love the fact that you can take an umbrella if it is raining. There are these umbrella stands at each of the doors at the hotel we always stay at. It is very European and very cute. And I touched them; the handles are really wood. We have decided that we may change our hotel choice soon. G hates the big pillows (those elongated European ones). We are shopping around for a dog friendly place with just the right pillows. So far we stopped at Embassy Suites (but G said the lobby was too far from the street) and another one that he said had an odor. I know for a fact that both the Sheraton and the Westin allow canines. I am pretty sure that we will pick one of them. They are very conveniently by all the shopping. That's a good thing.
This is a new facade on a building on Michigan Avenue. I have never seen it before so it's gotta be relatively new. It appears that inside the building, it remains as it was but WOW, the street appeal has gone through the ceiling. I guess you have to like this sort of thing - and I do.
There are many many areas all around the Windy City with are festooned with a beautiful grouping of flowers. I would love to see them from a high building. I am guessing that they are planted in some sort of design that I can't make out from the ground.
Maggie and Evan gave me this adjustable cookbook holder (a fantastic idea), along with the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook and I opened it up while we were out to dinner.

Later in the bar, we were paging through the book when, believe it or not, I found money !!!!!
There was a five dollar bill inside the book. It was lodged on the page of soft-shell crab sandwiches which is particularly weird because it is a favorite in this family. Do ya think that Ina knows?


Anonymous said...

I just got that cookbook, too and mine had $100 by the easy sticky buns recipe!

dee said...

Is this for real????Because I have my keys in my hand and I'm ready to head out to Barnes&Noble.
Cool building pictures.

Valeri said...

I hope you'll post a picture when you find just the right pillow because I can't imagine what it looks like being used to elongated European ones! I use and love a shaped memory foam pillow which is very Japanese. They are amazingly good for one's neck!

maggie z. said...

aaahhhhhooouuuooooo.... yes, it KNOWS!!!! wish i could 'a been there to see your face!!!