Friday, May 29, 2009

A Vision

Except for the second to the bottom door shelf, all this stuff was made in the last day and a half.   We even completely clear out this freezer and unplug it when we go south.  I love when it is stocked with food.  After Sunday it well probably have quite a dent in the surplus.  That's what it's there for.  I will finish up the little I have left to make today and have a clean kitchen for the weekend.
Last night I went to a get together with a bunch of golfers; 6, 9, and 18 holers, although they really don't think of 6 holers as actual golfers.  We had eats and a libation or two and also a  little fashion and accessory corner for us to peruse.  I couldn't resist these beaded belts.  They go either on over the head, or in the case that you have a splendid hairdo, put them on by feet first.
I couldn't get the picture right of me modeling the belt so I opted for my mannequin twin to model it.   Plus she has no muffin top like her evil twin.
How much do you think these works of art went for?  19 bucks.  Yep.  19 bucks.


dee said...

love that black and white one.

Cindra said...

I'm still trying to picture me trying to shimmy one of these up over my hips and tummy... or even over my head... Nope, I think my waist is better off not acknowledged with one of these beauties.