Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's Going On

I am a bit befuddled.  I went to my first Apple One To One and now am more confused than ever.  I no longer use Firefox but am in Safari. I want to switch from Entourage (which came with Word and just settled itself in my computer and pretty much took over) to Mail cauz' it's easier, but the chick that was helping me didn't know anything about changing from one to another.   My mouse doesn't work correctly and because of that I find it a struggle to blog or to even check mail so I am on a little hiatus from both until I get this thing figured out.  

Plus, the kids are coming this weekend and they need food so that's what I have been doing; preparing mega amounts of food to freeze and have them take home with them.  


Cindra said...

Enjoy the kids and the weekend... we will miss you.

The problems you have mentioned and a couple of more are the reasons I am staying PC. I like the MAC, but the PC is the beast that I know. Plus I know where a lot of the free stuff is!

Mary Ann said...

You can go under the Apple symbol in the top left corner to system preferences and then go to the hardware/mouse button and click. Then you can customize your mouse to your hearts desire. Not sure how to get out of Entourage. I get my mail through Safari