Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whirling Dervish

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. I just happened to get an email from my friend Pam saying that she sent a couple entries into the juried Houston show. I seem to have the same problem every year of letting the deadline come and go and this year I was going to be on top of it. I went to the www.quilt.com but I always have a difficult time navigating the site. I decided to stop wasting time and just get the link from Pam. Off to exercise I went and took my sweet time on the beach and when I got back I read this email:

Of course, sadly, this year's deadline is tomorrow to be there.

Just my luck, and I am probably going to Houston again this year. Houston is one of the few shows that the rules are not that your material has to be postmarked but it has to be in their office on a given date. That always throws me for a loop. I got to thinkin' that if I overnight my entry I could just make it. So I printed my form and regulations and just need images on a CD and printed out pictures. Both of which I have no idea how to do on the Mac yet. I was frantic, sending out emails when finally dear Carol Soderlund came to my rescue. I have a newer version of things and she has many more programs than I do but with her help she got me on the right track and by two p.m. I was at Fed Ex, looking like I was in a hurricane. And after all that, I am vacillating between forgetting Houston and attending Carol's True Colors class in October instead. I am taking a Crow class the week before and I could just stay in Columbus and save myself the drive.

All the while

guess who was sunnin' herself !!!!

I am off to Janesville, Wisconsin to have my new longarm machine fixed. I don't even know how to use it yet and I have already cracked a screw head off. I don't know my own strength.

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maggie z. said...

love the garden at you house, and love your new profile photo! hope your entry makes it in time..