Sunday, June 14, 2009

Balloon Babes

It takes all kinds, I gotta say. I am constantly ridiculed for my 'bird watching' as it takes up a good portion of my day. But never in my life did I have an inclining of constructing anything out of
balloons other than the prerequisite centerpiece for one of the kids birthday parties.  Even then
I would curse the day the damn balloon was invented to begin with, due to the fact that it's so 
jarring on the insides of my mouth just to get one blown up.  My thought on that is to go to the
dollar store and buy your balloons already blown up and ready to go.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough dollars in the bank to acquire enough for even one of these fine creations.
Alright now, I can see this bride going down the isle in this airy concoction but if it was me, I would have set up a security pass through when entering the church and looked for anything that could possible pierce a balloon.  That's what I would do.


sistersoftheart said...

The outfits are so creative - was this some kind of fashion show? Hope the babes were wearing nice underwear just in case! Patte

Cindra said...

My favorite is the creation complete with the yellow hat and face paint. I guess one never sits down in one of those creations... or you flounce the whole thing over a stool.

dee said...

"Flounce the whole thing over a stool" That made me laugh even harder.