Thursday, June 04, 2009


Between the time I got out of bed and now, I got a very informative comment on yesterdays blog referencing sewing machines. It basically shared kudos for the Singer Sewing Machine. This particular Anon bought one on the spur of the moment and absolutely loves it. And for under $300. That is something we should really check out. I wonder if you can purchase one, test drive it at home (where all the problems seem to turn up) and keep it if satisfied and return it if not. I think it's a worthy thought. Someone in sewing machine heaven has made an awful lot of money off of machines that are definitely not worth the money we are paying for them. Some of the new models are priced in the five figures. I am guilty of thinking that the more it cost, the better it is in the sewing machine world and I know that isn't necessarily true. And I also learned that there is a walking foot for the Viking. I distinctly asked for one when I made my Designer purchase and they told me that I don't need one. Shame on them.

Claudia, Bill and Miss Bea are coming for a visit today.  I hope they don't beat me home because I have an appointment that will take me away from the house for an extended time.  My Miss Bella will be in day care (which she doesn't like, if hovering on the car floor and crying half the way there is any indication).  I ask how she does and it's pretty pathetic.  They always say, 'She was a little better today; there was a little dog, (insert dogs name, Sophie, Chloe, Grace, Tanner, Bailey) that she palled around with'.  Whatever.  I guess as long as she isn't abused, I can justify leaving her when I have to. 

I started another quilt using another color way.  It seems too easy because the pattern is already made and all I have to do is insert new colors.  I completed the quilting on the first
 go and now it is pinned on the carpeting to give it a rest from all the frantic quilting I did on it. I would out and out block it (water and all) but I don't think it's needed.  I took this picture while looming on top of it and managed to crop my toes out of the picture.  I think I like it from this rotated view better than the original.  

Note to myself: when did I start to like quilt tops better after they were quilted rather than just as a quilt top?  I think it may be the Janome and it's precision.  I don't HATE to quilt now; at least on the smaller works that are manageable on a regular machine.


Anonymous said...

The Viking dealer from whom I bought my machines told me that I didn't need the walking foot, but I bought it anyway. She told me that the only reason they sold it was because Bernina people like me asked for it. But I say it makes a big difference in straight line quilting. And I really like quilting on the Viking more than my old Bernina.

Anonymous said...

I was really bowled over with the first quilt and then I saw your new piece.....maybe it is the background colour of your blog why the new quilt stands out against it....then again, you are a colour expert. I love the strong colours of the first though....and the pattern too.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Tommy,
I didn't mean to leave an anon comment yesterday about the Singer Confidence Quilter. When I comment it shows my name but...
Anyway, when I bought the machine I was told I had 10 days to return it...but I won't! It comes with the walking foot (!) which works great and a darning foot but it's a plastic sort of rectangular shape so yesterday I picked up a round metal one and like it much was $10. The machine doesn't have the automatic thread clipper but it has lots of stitches. I'm just learning free-motion quilting and here's my first effort.
I have a lot of practicing to do but the Singer made it so much easier than when I tried on my Janome!
When I took the class all the women seemed to have "spare" machines....I think that was in the back of my mind the day I was in JoAnn! One of the ladies had the newest Bernina with the stitch regulator and a huge box of all the stuff that came with it but when it comes down to quilting, I don't really think you need all those attachments.
I'm quilting a second wall hanging now and it's so nice to just work on the quilt and not have to even think about the machine!!!