Monday, June 01, 2009

Circling The Enemy

June 1st. Ahhhh. For some reason, May was a very long month. I always think that time just flies by but I can't say that about May. It may be because the whole last week after Memorial weekend was a surprise to me. I didn't see it comin'.  Hence, the long month.

Remember this drawing that I started a couple weeks ago?
It started out going quite smoothly and stopped abruptly when
I got to this point and could go no further.  I dug it out of a pile of started projects yesterday and put it back on my design wall.  Then the auditioning of fabrics started.  My Maggie, busy doing some lawyer stuff even came and checked on me and gave me a hand.  Once I got over
the initial hump it came quickly together.  I intended to document all the auditioning but then forgot to do it.  Then I remembered but had left my camera on while plugged into the computer
so it was dead.  I let it get juiced up a bit and then took these two pictures.  This one still has the freezer paper on the back.  I will remove it today and maybe start quilting.  I am going to dig right in and do this again with a more calm palette.


Corky said...

Very cool.

Cindra said...

I like it in these colors, but then I am a "brights" type person.

dee said...

either way-nicely done. Can't wait to see the quilting