Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Stuff

Gordon just informed me that our favorite big mouth and pitchman, Billy Mays. died yesterday. They are droppin' like flies. I think you all need to go and see your doctor, TODAY.

We have arrived safely home from Iowa. It was a lot longer getting there than it was getting home. There are so many road blocks, or construction areas that are cordoned off for what appears to be no reason; miles and miles of one lane traffic. Insane.

The wedding was lovely; it was in a Cathedral but was not a full mass with communion and all so we are guessing the bride is not Catholic. I am not either and I got married in a Catholic church with a lutheran minister by the priest's side. See, it's all about me. Anyway, the groom is a offspring of our very dear friend and as these things go, we barely know the kid. They have lived most of their married life in Iowa and even if we see each other twice a year, mostly that's not with the kids. I know everything about him, just not that one on one. That, and my bad back kept me in my seat with not much camera use. I did like these balls of flowers that were on some of the tables. The clear cylinders under them were to hold them up so they would not be an obstacle in talking across the table There were little water vessels just under the balls. I think they were made using oasis.
The colors were white and orange and the eight little grandkids of our friends had on bright green eyelet and were adorable. All the kids had to be under six.

We have our new friends (Karen and Richardo) that we met in Florida coming for a sleepover today. They are heading up north in Michigan to begin their two month stint at Torch Lake, up somewhere on the way to Mackinaw. The guys are gonna try and beat the rain and get in some golf and I will take Karen around the area. Bella will love to see Cholla, her pal from Florida's dog park. Unfortunately, I have to sneak an appointment to the chiropractor in the afternoon.

Last week on Next Food Network Star, the contestants had to give a tip while they were shopping in the grocery store and one of the girls said that if you use the green part of the scallion, that you can put the remainder in a glass of water and it will grow new greens. Here is the proof

that she was right. All that dark green part is all new in the last two days. This is something that we could all do and save a trip to the grocery. Hey, and it's green.

Check out this crazy door knocker that I saw last week. That would sure get me out of the chair!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on the Iowa traffic since we'll be following the same route on Wed. Give my best to Glips too!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you for sharing the wedding photos. Very interesting colors. I was just talking to someone about how taboo orange was just a few years ago and now it is everywhere and I, for one, love it.

That is one huge door knocker!!!!