Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goin' To A Meetin'

I am heading to PAQA (Professional Art Quilt Alliance) for the monthly meeting that I haven't managed to get to for at least two years.  I find myself available today so thought I would see what's going on in that group.  Plus, there is a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Alliance) meeting immediately following the first meeting.  Two meetings call for an iPod and the iPhone to play with just in case boredom sets in.  Usually I take knitting but I'm not in the knitting mood.  But first I will show you some stuff from my morning at the farmer's market.
This mouthwatering cake was in a bakery called Tonya's Patisserie where we went for some java.  
Check out these chocolate cones.  They must be lava cakes, don't ya think?  They had all kinds of sweets plus wonderful looking pizzas and breads.  

This was in an art gallery window and for some reason it caught my eye.  It's a Plexiglas shadow box filled with painted baseballs to make the flag.

We all couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that this massive wheel barrel, filled with yellow petunias and another planting I didn't know what it was, and priced under $40 !!!!!  What I loved about it was the fact that the wheel was flat.  We would have all bought it if we had any way to get it back home.  
We found these extra giant jelly beans and I asked Ann to hold them in her hand to show the size comparison and I somehow took a movie of them. Enjoy.


Susan Turney said...

The "somehow" took a movie of them" made me laugh out loud! Several years ago I'd gotten a new camera and took pics at a party. Later, I was showing the pics and we kept hearing noises....we couldn't figure out what it was but finally figured out I had taken short movies of everything!!! I never did figure out how I did it!

wpritchett said...

Chesterton.....ahhhhh! Is the quilt shop in the boxcar still there? My family lives in Valpo.

Cindra said...

I want that wheelbarrow! How gorgeous! I swear I gained weight just looking at the food photos... there should be a law against food like that... so good.