Friday, June 26, 2009

Half Full

I had a glass half full or half empty experience yesterday. Gordon took Bella to day care to give me a little break. I talked to him a while after he had dropped her off and I said 'how was she' and he said that she was very happy. I commented that I was shocked and asked him what he based that on. It seems that he read her reaction to day care completely differently. He said she was wagging her tail and very excited. I said that she does that when I take her but because she starts getting fidgety and starts crying when we get close to the building. He read it as being excited and I read it as anxious and upset. It's bizarre how two people can read a situation so differently. I was so pleased with my new sense of the whole situation. It's not that I would hesitate to take her if I needed to get rid of her for the day; I think interaction with other dogs is very important. It's just that I have always had a bit of guilt at leaving her somewhere that I felt she didn't want to go. I always ask if she enjoys it and they always say the same thing; she is a bit timid but has a good time and loves the little dogs and a couple black labs. When I tell them about the stress she seems to have when I take her they say it's not that she doesn't like it; it's just that they never want to leave their mom and dad, no matter how much fun they have. I am so pleased.She was a bit tired when she came home and actually fell asleep in this position.  
We have two weddings tomorrow. Even though we can't manage to be in two states at the same time, we got this gift for a local wedding that we won't be able to attend.  It's a cooler, Advil, water, mints beer/sweat catchers (yeah, I just named them),and  a CD of favorite songs of Colleen and Brian.  Instead of staying local we are going to a wedding in Des Moines, Iowa.  It has been on our calendar for two years and is a offspring of a college roomie.  It will be our first trip to Des Moines  and I for one am not looking forward to the trip.

It's just like Michael Jackson to upstage Farrah and die on the same day that she did.


Anonymous said...

I hope your college roomie doesn't read your blog!

sistersoftheart said...

When we travel there is a doggy daycare we use and our boxer pitches a fit in the car too. I know he wants to be there - he drags me inside and practically leaps over the counter. He wants to play with the other dogs NOW!! And it kind of hurts my feelings that I can be forgotten so easily - LOL. I know he will be well cared for 24-7, the staff makes a big fuss over him, he isn't in a crate (has a big cubicle with a door) & has his own bed & food, plus he has lots of other dogs to play with all day long. Still, it is hard to leave the "baby" with someone else. Bella will be fine!!

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly when I heard about MJ. Farrah had to share the limelight with him. I also share your dread of the drive to Des Moines. We are driving to KC in a few days and I'm already road bored!


dee said...

Gahhhhd, it's going to be wall to wall MJ for days. A drug addicted pedophile always takes precidence with the media. How phony can they get?
Poor Farah-such a lovely woman. A sad ending to a terribly troubled life.

Anonymous said...

Dee, you self-righteous nut, judge not, lest ye be judged! The USA threw the case out. Want to tell me you believed those parasites looking for a fast buck by any means, even to the extent of destroying someones life.

Yeah! he blew that 'Angel' straight off front page and into oblivion....LOL..