Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Work

I took my littlest and sharpest scissors to the opening get together of Pubstumpers (bar trivia) last night so that my friend, Junie, (nurse) could take out the stitches in my shoulder (it's been 12 days). Well I left my scissors in the car and trivia will wait for no one so I guess I have to get my stitches out today. They are kinda itchy. Oh, and we won last night. This year the trivia is every other week instead of every week. Why, I have no idea.
Out of eighteen small studies that I did while at the Barn, this was my favorite.  I have decided that I wanted to make it a stand alone piece on it's own merit rather than just this little 12" x 10" study.
Here is my first try.  It took me several cuts to get the shapes even remotely the same as the original but in the end (this piece) I think I captured the feel of the piece.   This measures in at 31" x 43".  It is pinned and has a couple of lines of quilting in it so far.  I am guessing that I will be quilting it today.  I am going to try it in different color ways, just for the helluva it.


Jane said...

Lyrical! so pretty.

Anonymous said...

love this piece. I , too, wish to continue some of my b&w studies a it was a great exercise.

I see much bigger pieces with some of these

sw Florida

Susan Turney said...

Doesn't everyone get their stitches taken out at the bar? LOL! This quilt looks like it's going to be amazing....I can't wait to see the quilting!