Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nut Magnet

I am officially a nut magnet. I was leaving my local fitness center and I came upon a rather made up woman with broken English (not that there is anything with that). She asked me if I knew where some lady was. I said I didn't and that I was just leaving the fitness center. She said, "I am supposed to come before noon and it's 11:25 already". "Where is she?" Again I said that I didn't know her. She explained (and this is all a mile a minute of talking) the the woman she was looking for was in charge of the whole building. As she was saying this she was rooting around a massive and very messy purse. She proceeds to stare at my face while shoving a skin care brochure at me. Obviously she thinks I need product. So I give her a stare and she says, " Oh, this zit? I got this last weekend during the holiday eating knockwurst, and brats and lots of beans". She goes on and on about this new product that she will come to my house with a bunch of my friends to try it out for only $35 each. I told her that I use prescription stuff on my face due to having psoriasis and rosesea. She said the doctors only want your money and that her product is better. I told her I was going to my doctor on Thursday and I would show him the brochure. She said that of course they would say it's not good. She ripped the brochure out of my hand and said that she just wasted her valuable time on me and she wouldn't waste a brochure on me because she could tell I would never contact her.

This all took place in less than a minute. I walked out of the building, almost thinking it was a dream because it was so bizarre. And that zit she was sporting? Massive; you couldn't have missed it if you were Stevie Wonder.  .
My quilting got a bit derailed.  Bella (aka Slim, Stretch, Elle, Heidi, and all words symbolizing long legs) decided that next to me wasn't good enough for me.  She needed to actually be touching.


Anonymous said...

Poor you! Traumatized indeed, now you know to run the other way or put on an even funnier accent and say something with zzzeeezs and pretend to be French and you don't understand a word!!!! The clue is to smile and keep walking, fast!

I've opened my door to religious fanatics and said: 'Sorry, I only speak English'. They've never been back! LOL

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I guess you are a "nut magnet"!
I remember tha lady at the show opening in New Smyrna Beach!
At least you didn't give this one your phone number!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've just noticed that you too have a Janome (if I'm seeing correctly). I am looking into this machine for the thread snipping capability and the price. Otherwise, I would never buy Japanese or any other Asian machine (just don't like their marketing strategy).
I've also noticed quite a few quilters are using them to free-motion.
Is it really that good a machine for this purpose? IYO (in your opinion)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your Husqvarna have a thread trimmer?

Cindra said...

I don't have that model, but I love my Janome.

You are just too nice, Tommy. I would have never given her even that one minute.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Love the comment of the zit that even Stevie Wonder could not miss!

hahahaha....that was my laugh of the day!