Sunday, June 07, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Okay, Dee, it's all about the food and boy am I pissed. Maybe not quite as pissed as my SIL, but pretty far up there. We got to the game that started at 3 something in the afternoon (start time is all about the tv slots; ya know). We were carrying our sweatshirts over our heads due to the rain and decided to start the game in the Stadium Club ( an indoor restaurant/bar) and within minutes of entering it and due to my hovering technique (making the patrons very uncomfortable with our close proximity) we fixed our rear ends on a high bar table with four chairs. Two beers, a wine and a diet coke (designated driver G)and nachos, we had a clear view of the field but better yet we had a view of twenty five tv's . We only lasted less than an hour inside; come on - we are at a ball game so when the rain stopped we went to our seats. The temp on June 5th was a cool 46 degrees.

Last time I was at the stadium it was called Comiskey Park.  That's a while ago.  It's very techo now.  When they show the Sox player (they don't bother showing the opposing player except for their name) they show the stats and even the sliver of their eyes - very cool.  There is lots of advertising.
Bill and Claud didn't know I was snapping this.  They  look cute, don't they?   Bill and Claudia's son Jon and his wife Leigh Ann are celebrating their 6th anniversary today.  Bill just bought the hat he's wearing at a store on the way to our seats so we had to tell him that keeping the sticky peel off hat size on the brim wasn't cool.  And another thing, the removal of the cardboard from the inside of the cap had to be pointed out to him.  Hey, he's from St. Louis.  Need I say more?
Here's the score board.  Lots of lights and fireworks originate from here.  We got to view one home run.

Here is the view of a portion of U.S. Cellular Field from the parking lot.  It's a nice looking building. 

We never got a hot dog.  And that's why I went.  That's why we were pissed.


dee said...

I feel your pain. We have a team here on the Island called the Ducks(get it?Long Island Ducks...harr)Farm team for the Yankees I think. I like going because it's a small stadium, fairly new and full of first class food vendors. Everything from Italian Heros to sushi... Expensive but lots of fun. You could put a gun to my head and I couldn't tell you who's playing...Just there for the atmosphere and food(of course).
Bill & Claudia are adorable, as is Bea(toothless Bag Lady or not)

Anonymous said...

At least with the cool temps you were comfortable while covering up all your bandages. Hope everything's healing up ok!

Cindra said...

what was the point in going if you didn't get a hotdog? I'm just saying, I thought that was the whole purpose of baseball... I can't think of any other.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Bill guy is one handsome dude. He must be a movie star.

Renee said...

OK.. newsflash, today's generation keep the sticky thing on the brim and leave the cardboard inside the flap. The cardboard helps the hat to keep the shape (it is removed for washing and then re-inserted) and the sticky tag thing, shows it is authentic.

How do I know this, well let's just say, I have been yelled at a couple of times for removing those two items by my son.

From now on, I just leave the hats to him :-).

Anonymous said...

must you say p1$$#d