Friday, June 12, 2009


I was out to dinner with some girls a couple nights ago and the topic of conversation was feeding kids and making them well rounded as far as what they will eat is concerned. Making food fun was another topic. We got to talking about the omelets in a bag 
and someone else came up with the taco bag that I posted yesterday.   Food can still be fun, even for you 'stick up your butt' Anon's.  
Check out these crazy little 'sofa's' that are tissue box covers.  A gal at the PAQA meeting brought them for show and tell.  Aren't they a riot?  They remind me of the little aprons that we used to make to put on a wine bottle.  Like wine lasts long enough to actually dress a bottle !!!  I am just not in to dressing up either the tissue or the extra roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet.  Dust catchers; that's what I call them.

Marion Caspers just so happened to be visiting for a week from Germany and planned it so she could attend the PAQA meeting.  I live an hour and a half away and can't seem to make it. Anyway, I knew Marion back when she actually lived here in the states but has moved back to Europe a couple years ago.  She makes these fantastic knit shirts that she reverse appliques using two shirts and when she constructs the shirt, she has the seams on the outside rather than inside.  While she was bending over to look at a quilt I took a picture of her back. Marion's shirts are works of art.  I also love when design isn't limited to the front of garments.  The cool stuff always seems to be on the front and the back is neglected.  Not so with Marion's work.  I tried to pull up her website for you to see but it's not working.   I'll have to look into that.

My sister Mike and little Chai are coming for the weekend.  She is now on summer hours and every other Friday she has off.  Pretty cool, huh?  


Cindra said...

For the record, my granddaughters are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I thought the bag idea sounded like something fun they would enjoy! I guess you have to be open to fun and experimenting.

Anonymous said...

***Food can still be fun, even for you 'stick up your butt' Anon's. ***

Does this mean 'straight-laced' or just plain cultured?

dee said...

That's not stick that's a log jam.
My BIL Bob has some friends who have every kitchy cover for everything, including the vacuum cleaner(it's a giant country mouse that scares the crap out of me everytime I go up their stairs to use the crochet- covered bathroom). Going there requires a box of un-adorned tissues since we all spend the day sneezing.
They had a stand at the Fireman's Fair where you could make up these chip bag things. It was great fun for the kids and, frankly, everyone wanted to try it at least once. Have you ever had Frito Pie...that'll get the anonymii panties in a twist.
Love ya! even though we are, clearly, beneath contempt for having fun and a sense of humor.

maggie z. said...

wish i were there for the weekend too, mike has the right idea! have fun girls...