Friday, June 19, 2009


My brother in law, Johnny, came yesterday for the weekend. He is partnering up with G for a golf thingy. There was a practice yesterday and today and tomorrow and Sunday will be three 9 hole competitions. We heard thunderous rain about four a.m. and thought that would scrap the day. We have had so much rain that the courses around here can't drain sufficiently. Anyway, they are off to a breakfast (mostly bacon - my arteries are clogging as I type) and will hang with all the other golfers, waiting for the word that the course is playable. It is now beautiful and sunny and as I look out my window I see that my flagstone is already almost dry. I am just worrying that they will be here at home and bugging me. After all, it's all about me.
Here is my newest piece.  I have named it Tuning #1.  For some reason a tuning fork comes to mind when I see the finished piece.  It measures in at 41" x 29 1/2".  I took close ups but I did it in such a way that my body shadow was in it and took away from the effect.  Click on the quilt to make it bigger so you can  see the quilting.  I am very happy with the mirror image quilting I did.  I think it is very effective in making an almost boring piece more lively.  I am gonna start a new piece today in this same vein. 


Candied Fabrics said...

It's lovely! You're letting the color and the gesture sing!

Teresa said...

Beautiful, simple & elegant!! I love it.