Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Make A Deal

I think we have had four Tuesdays for six hole golf and each of them were blessed with rain. Yesterday was no exception. It actually rained so much that we couldn't even pretend to play but we managed to have a table of nine for dinner anyway. Now, this morning, the fog is so thick that the top half of the world here is not visible.

I made a miraculous discovery yesterday. I was bitching to my sis about the ridiculous cost of shipping the fat batt that I use for my charity quilts. Literally, I went on line to order three of  the 3.3oz - 48 long and 30 yard  bolt from Gammill, for a cost of $55 each. I usually get two or three at a time. It's the shipping that kills me. This time for ordering three it cost $121.00 bucks. This is just the shipping cost, not the product itself which weighs close to nothing !!!!! I was aghast!!!! I said to myself -are you nuts? This has to stop!!!! And so I googled batting and found that I could get the same product (literally) and only pay 86 bucks for shipping. I went for it and then after explaining all this to my sister she said that while we were at Joann's on Sunday she saw a girl buying batting that pretty much looked like the stuff I used. She suggested that I purchase my batt through Joann's.

I was going to Joann's anyway to get some juvenile fabric on the clearance table that was now marked down to 50% off the clearance price and as I was getting things measured I took a sashay to the batting and found a fat batt that was even fatter (4 oz. vs what I get which is 3.3 oz) that regularly was priced at $2.99 per yard. I asked if I could use my 50% off coupons to purchase batting to order and sure enough I could. It gets better. I said that I had three such coupons and so they special ordered three rolls adding up to 135 yards. Normally without the ridiculous shipping I pay $1.84 per yard. With Joann's coupon  I pay $1.59 and so save boucou
bucks. This is with no shipping added on.  Thanks sis. Oh, and I only needed one of my 50% off coupons because of the way the sales girl grouped the batting into one order. Life is good.With all the rain, the peonies in my yard are very bountiful.  I just love them.  They look like cabbage roses but with ants.  This vase was a gift from my darling daughter.  Notice that I rarely ever take off the table pads from the dining room table.  It's so much easier to just leave them on and not worry about what I put on the table.  It's a sign of old age.  That's what old people do, don't they?
Each week I put identical flowers in my three little vases in my kitchen window.  This week they happen to be very symmetrical .  These tulips are gracefully tilting in the exact way.  They are my version of synchronized swimmers. 
And who said you couldn't plop an artichoke in a flower arrangement?  It certainly works for me.


dee said...

That's a great deal for the batting. JoAnn's is good for that. So often, I get things already on sale and the cpoupon won't work. Last time I made window toppers I used it to buy come gorgeous home dec fabric that I never would have afforded otherwise.
When you start covering the furniture with plastic we'll start worrying about you getting old.

Cindra said...

I think of old as doing whatever you "damn" well please and you don't give a crap what anyone else thinks. It doesn't scare me anymore...LOL!