Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Up

I am sitting here debating as to going to the doctor today. My basil stitches in my shoulder are out and doing fine. The two biopsy's on my leg came back benign (which is wonderful- they are butted up to a melanoma scar)  but they also, after a week, started to get red looking and I started to feel them which is not a good sign. Living two hours from my doctor has it's downside at times like these. After a day of back and forth, I finally got a prescription for Cephalexin. an antibiotic but under strict promise to see a local doctor after a couple days if the infection persists. I have looked at the wounds so many times I have no longer any confidence in my judgement. It's been two days and I have to make a decision. I can never even decide what restaurant to go to;so what makes me think I will chose to go out of my way when I can just wait and see.  I am still thinkin' about it.

I finished quilting my new piece and it is up on the upstairs design wall, wet and blocked.   It will come down today and I will probably start a new piece.
Check out this book that I was gifted.  It's a 'how to' quilt book from 1973.  Nancy, who gave it to me actually bought the book way back when and even bookmarked
her favorite pages with torn postits.  They are no longer yellow.  The book is very interesting
and I just love old stuff like this that I have an interest in.  

Speaking of bookmarks, here's an easy one for you.  Cut the corner off an envelope or a flat bag (I love the glycerin ones)like so
and voila ! you have a page marker that protects the pages and is free. It's a good thing.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Your book from "the olden days" is the book I used when I started quilting. If you saw the polyesteer double knit quilt on my blog that's where I got the patterns.
Now you too can make a polyester double knit quilt from the patterns in it.
In reality it is one of those books I will NEVER part with! K

dee said...

Go to the Doctor even though it's a pain. If ever there were an occasion to "waste time going to the Dr" this is it.
Go on....get going...I'm watching you.....
Plus-it's Thursday and getting a Dr. on the weekend is a bigger pain.

Are you still here????