Wednesday, July 08, 2009

12 Tunes And Friends

12 Tunes is shown here complete. The quilting is finished and the facing is on. It measures in at 36" x 40". I also have some other Tunes on the design wall that I am playing around with.

None of these blocks are sewn together yet. The are just being played around with at the moment.
I get my idea and put the start of it on the design wall and then change the shape and mind a million times before I settle on what I want.
This study is large and has changed many times over the past week. The first draft had the color placement with lights together and darks together but the contrast wasn't enough. I couldn't decide so I even asked G's opinion. When I got the 'dump it' from G, I knew it wasn't working because he likes everything I do. This color way is more of what I had in mind to make. I will keep ya posted.


Irene said...

I LOVE these pieces Tommy - they are really appealing.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I agree with Irene. The color choices are inspiring as well! Wonderful!!!

Mary said...

What interesting blocks! They flow so well together!