Sunday, July 12, 2009

"36 Tunes"

Here is my completed 'Tune Too". It is quilted and faced and sleeved. It measures in at 32 1/2" x 40 1/2".
The quilting is pretty much predictable and that's okay. To be honest, it looks much better in person than it photographs. A piece this sparse needs to be seen in person and from afar.
"36 Tunes" is finished being pieced together. The original grouping just didn't set right with me and so I removed some and added new ones and made it bigger. Each square is approximately between five and six inches. It's pinned and ready to start quilting on.
I wanted to call it "36 Trombones" but chose not to because it is definitely one of a series. But it gets me to thinkin' about another shape and therefore another series. The Trombone series. I like the sound of that.

It appears to be a beautiful day today and frankly we haven't had all that many so I am thinking that "36 Tunes" will have to wait another day.

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Patsy Thompson said...

I absolutely love this new quilt and the way you have quilted it is perfect!