Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Card Party

I got to thinkin' about everyone we were gonna have for the 4th of July weekend and I thought that the group might like to do a 'craft'. I didn't have to think too much to come up with the idea of making cards, a favorite of my sis Mike's. I barely mentioned it to her and true to form she got going on the components for four cards. I had not realized that there was so much prep work to doing this, or maybe I would have volunteered to help. Maybe.
Anyway, we set up a time to make cards and designated the kitchen table as the work place. Mike got busy and set up each station.
She had all the card components all cut and organized. Very impressive. Everyone had their own cute little tape dispenser (and that was their weekend parting gift from me !!)
This was the design for a 'Best Wishes' and a 'Happy Birthday' card
and there were also prototypes of a 'Thanks' and a 'Thinking of You'.
The class was very organized and everyone had a ball. Some followed Mike's lead exactly and others did their own thing. It was very fun.

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Cindra said...

going to visit you is like going to camp... My granddaughters would have loved this! Campfire on the beach, crafts, great food, laughter... I would have loved it!