Saturday, July 11, 2009

Foodie Info

The naming of products on the market intrigue me. Oscar Mayer died this past Monday at

age 95, in Wisconsin. He was a real guy. So was Dave Thomas' daughter Wendy, who the fast food chain Wendy's was named for. Others that come to mind are Jennie Olson, the daughter of Earl Olson who started Jennie-0 Turkeys. Orville Redenbacher is known to all and there is a yearly popcorn festival in Valpariso, Indiana every year, which is where he is from. We are all familiar with Ben and Jerry's, who are real people from Vermont and are both 57.

From my blog entry here on January 14th, we know what a fake Betty Crocker is and how much younger she gets as she ages.

Uncle Ben is also a fake. The picture on the box is of a Chicago maitre d' named Frank Brown.

Sara Lee is alive and well in New York City at 70 years of age. Mrs. Field's; well we all know of her and her cookies.
This is Hector Boiardi who had a restaurant in New York and his sauce was so popular that the patrons would ask for it to go and he would send them home with uncooked spaghetti, cheese and a milk bottle filled with his spaghetti sauce. When he went commercial he changed the spelling of his name to Chef Boyardee, so for once in his life people would pronounce his name correctly. He died in 1985 at the age of 87.

Duncan Hines was a food critic who was thought to be the epitome of taste to such an extent that he was asked to lend his name to various food products. He died at 79 when I was nine. You do the math.

Marie Callender was a success story starting by baking pies for a deli, then went into business with her family making pies in a rented hut that morphed into restaurants and a frozen food business. She died in 1995 at the age of 88.

It's stuff I like to know. There's lots and lots more.

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