Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Forgotten Post

I just realized that I downloaded these pictures for yesterday's blog, yesterday and never got around to writing on it or posting it. We had a very busy 4th. Here is what I would have written, had I finished the post.

My sister Mike liked the look of the porch table with all our napkins draped over the back of our chairs. This is a common practice in this family when we have people staying for more than a meal or two. This way, we reuse the same napkin and don't waste water and soap and energy to wash them each use. It's our little way to go 'green'.

My friends and family are so used to the picture taking that I do that I get things said to me like 'here, take this picture of my burger for the blog'. Richard said that and here is a picture of his burger. Mine looked very similar but with swiss and by the time I took this picture, mine was half gone.
We are all ready for the movies we watch at night. Somewhere in this pile you can find your favorite theatre candy.
Once Gordon found out how I see if oil is hot enough to use, he always wants me to show anyone around. In case you don't happen to know this, if you put a end of the handle of a wooden spoon in the hot oil and if little bubbles immediately surround the wood, the oil is ready to use.
And I still can't get over the onions regrowing. In a week I have used the greens three times. Ya just gotta do this!!!!


Cindra said...

I found my Sweet Tarts!

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