Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gettin' Ready

I had an appointment first thing this morning to see the chiropractor. It was a very hoppin' place. Little did I know that it was Wellness Wednesday and they did complimentary bone density tests on our hands. I was there twice as long because of it. It's definitely not as accurate as a full body scan which I have had in the past. Anyway, I am back home and am just starting to think about what foodstuffs I will make for the eight guests I will have, starting tomorrow evening. This will also necessitate several trips to the grocery store.

I had to take this picture of Karen while she was getting ready to depart for her cottage on Torch Lake. Check out all the stuff they brought for one overnight!!! I think she wanted to stay for a month with all she brought into the house.
It was great to see Cholla again. She has her summer 'do' but her ears were too long so we took to chopping off some of the excess. She felt much prettier after the trim. Bella just loves her.

It's time to hit the cookbooks. I love this part

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