Friday, July 10, 2009

Man's Best Friends

Oh, hey! A new girl! Sophie came over to visit and Chai, Bella and Bea had to give her the sniff test. At least they match the studio floor. Sophie was a real trooper about it too. That really doesn't surprise me. She lives with her best friend Bear, the sweetest Chocolate Lab in the world and has constant visitors by other family dogs.
Sometimes Bella likes to hop on a lounge chair and watch the sunset. She is actually doing just that. She likes to be seen in profile.
Bea is just coming off of an ear infection in both ears and that bothered Aunt Claud (yes, we are that petty) because the meds made her normally fluffy and lovely ear hair all greasy. Grease or not, she is still a doll.
And then there's little Chai (half Bichon and half Shih Tzu ) who looks like she was in a rumble just minutes ago. Check out her cute little underbite teeth.

They will be back next month. Phew. I love 'em all.

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Pammyfay said...

Gorgeous photo of Bella and the sunset! That pup knows how to enjoy the best things in life, huh?