Sunday, July 19, 2009


I hitched a ride to Chicago for the wedding and G was to meet up with me later. I had to show you this picture of Sophie
in her carrier in her bed in the back of her car. She got a new summer hairdo and she looks just adorable. Her sibling, Bear, can be seen in this very picture on the top left in a blur of nose and mouth.
I probably took 40 pictures of Allyssa and James' wedding but only a few came out for some reason. The colors of this wedding were just stunning. We had a great time.

I made an appointment to do a One to One at the Chicago Apple Store yesterday but the earliest I could get one was noon so G and I headed to Navy Pier to watch the 350 sail boats that were to compete
in the yearly two day Mackinaw race. It leaves Chicago and goes to Mackinaw and back to Chicago.
The boats line up and come up in front of a dais, where they are greeted and the MC
tells a little background on each boat and crew. It is staged just like a fashion show. They are waiting in the wings for their turn,
do a couple turns,
stop, strut and go on their way. Look at the front of this boat. There's a 14 year old kid on the front playing the bagpipes. Also check out the line of boats in the background. When we are home we can see the Mac race go by in the distance.

We are in Wisconsin on our way to Minneapolis. We went on a little trip down memory lane last evening to the cottage in Friendship, Wisconsin, where Gordon went as a kid. We also saw the cottage that we took our kids when they were young that G's parents owned. It brought back lots of fun memories. The Fitzsimmons clan gathered there for more than one family reunion or birthday.

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Love the bridesmaid dresses and the color is scrumptious!