Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pretty in Pink

As is our usual way, if anything has to be done in the house, we tend to do it while not there. Such is the case of the kitchen in Florida. We have decided to replace our sagging cardboard cabinets in the kitchen and great room.
The contractor sent us these pictures. Even though everything is removed, the back splashes, counter tops and appliances will remain the same. They have probably removed them for ease of installation.
When I first saw the pictures, I totally panicked because I thought they took out part of our floor but then I realized that they just laid some composite boarding on top to protect it. When we bought this house the whole of it was pink. The floor tile, the walls (as you can see since the removal), the window treatments the cabinets (we had them painted white to begin with) even the counter tops. It was on the market for quite a while (and in a good market, way back when) and I would bet the bank that the overall color of the joint had
a lot to do with that. Considering the fact that I pretty much change everything eventually to reflect us, I could see past the pep-to. It was not Pretty in Pink.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

My theory on Florida houses is they are built to last 10 years.
Anything you haven't changed before 10 years has to be redone at 10 years or the house will self destruct - pink and seafoam green included.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

You are brave letting all this work to be done without being there. Yet, it is nice you do not have to hassle with it while it is being done. You must have a great carpenter! Can not wait to see the end results.