Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip

My sister Mike and I were waiting for Peggy and Anne to come for the weekend and decided to kill some time at the dollar store.
I was more than a little surprised when I saw this beautiful car parked out in front of the house upon our return. I went into the house, inquiring as to the ownership of the lovely car. Hemming and hawing later I found out that it was on loan to Anne by an elderly acquaintance. Literally, this is a 90 year old's car. 8500 miles and six years old. I got several calls yesterday about the car. Everybody loves it and wants it. I made Anne and Peggy get back in and reenact their arrival.
Anne and her hubby Ty took the Thunderbird on a road trip to Iowa to see the John Wayne Museum in Winterset (I kid you not) and they hit a few quilt stores on the way. This wooden sign was purchased by Ty just for me at one of the stores. How sweet is that?

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dee said...

Very cool car Tommy.