Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I got all excited to find out that Michigan's three day food festival, Epicurean Classic, was moving from Traverse City to Saint Joseph. That's a lotta miles closer to me. Hundreds. This event has demos and tasting seminars, all with chefs and cookbook authors at the helm. Then I looked at the dates of the event, August 28 -30, and my calendar. Not this year. It appears to be a great idea, and you can get more info at .

As is the norm, I got dressed in my appropriate color scheme for six hole golf yesterday only to once again be rained out. Not to worry, we still managed to brave the weather for dinner together. Ya know, girls just wanna have fun. We had so much lightning and thunder that even Bella was scared. I am sure that it's the same where you are, weather being crazy. This morning is very windy and cool, not at all like the end of July should be. Yep, I have resorted to weather talk.

My time is filled with black and white. I will share all with you as soon as I can. I am having lots of fun with this.


maggie z. said...

love all the fabrics- no plaid?!

spikemuffin said...

I need sweat caps for cycling and my colors are B&W. Any of them will do. One piece, 18" long x 9" wide and sown together like a tube with both ends open. Piece of cake!

Pammyfay said...

Bella Bella Bella--we need a Bella fix! Surely she's napping nearby?!