Friday, July 03, 2009

This And That

I am snatching a minute to blog while Claud and Mike are finishing up with their showers. We have to head out to JoAnn's because the notions wall is 50% off and I am sure there is something that we 'need'. G and Bill are golfing and Maggie and Evan are sleeping. Their friend (and mine) Richard, is coming in on the train just in time for lunch. Maria is working today so she and Pete will be coming in tonight. Eight guests have a nice ring to it.

Ever heard of these tomatoes? They are brown heirloom and they were gifted to me by my
friend, Linda. She tasted them and thought I would love them. She was right. I had to share
so I plated them sliced with fresh mozzarella, a little mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto (gifted to me by Karen, when she visited earlier in the week), fresh basil and drizzled with fine quality olive oil and cream of balsamic. It was a melt in your mouth salad. We had it with Maggie's favorite pasta, 'Hot and Spicy Pasta' that I learned to make while at culinary school.

Aunt Claudia gifted the girls (Bea, Bella and Chai) red visors so that they could wear them at the 4th of July parade. So far only Chai and stopped long enough for us to put one on.

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maggie z. said...

how funny- i was just googleing a couple of things i want to make at my sister's house tonight and your salad is going to be a hit! that and grilled pineapple with a rum glaze and vanilla beam mascarpone...have fun with the kids...