Monday, July 27, 2009

This Little Piggy

Switching to a Mac eventually means that the old Dell stuff you are using with it don't fill all
the needs. There are commands on the Mac keyboard that are not on the Dell keyboard. And I found out that my wireless mouse that worked fine with my PC, refused to work with my Mac.
This switch is suspiciously like Sony products that are only compatible with Sony stuff. Oh well, the switch has been made and like it or not, I am a Mac now. Plus, I like the Mac guy so much better in the commercials.
This is the newest addition to my family of pigs, courtesy of the Dollar Store. It's small, less than 4 inches wide and tall but it's adorable none the less.

We had a great quilting weekend. I would post the pictures I took of the girls while they were busy working and not paying attention to me but I have to say, if I did, they would probably not ever talk to me again. Yeah, they were that bad. Must have been the angle or something. Ah-huh.


Pammyfay said...

Think about whether you really need another mouse for your new computer. When I was a PC person, I used the mouse. Grew to think one needs a mouse if you're using a computer. Then I bought a MacBook. My Apple-enabling friend told me to wait before I bought an add-on mouse. I've learned the short-cuts and don't use a mouse. There's a slight learning curve, but it'll work out. (I still have a mouse on the computer at the office, alas--it's a habit there I can't break.)

Sandy said...

Tommy --

I am so happy to see some in the Quilters community adopting Macs. I love my MacBook for the simple elegance that it has. Like Pam says there are some great 'pad' shortcuts, but I still cling to my Might Mouse.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's a pig? It kinda looks like a cow! :)

Anonymous said...

would love to hear more about the conversion to MAC. I'm more than ready to try it.