Saturday, August 15, 2009

Details of Interest

I actually wrote this yesterday but never posted it. I thought I did. My mind is elsewhere. Oh well, here goes.

Before time goes by and I no longer feel like I can post pictures from Vegas, I will share just a few of the many many things that caught my eye. These glass pieces were right out side of their makers shop, Chilluly. The store is located in the Bellagio and besides these, the lobby ceiling, which I blogged before is made up of hundreds of flower heads made of glass.
The lobby flowers almost look like candy to me. There are also new bigger than life flowers
made from glass in the atrium. This is a bad picture of them but the picture was actually taken for the glass birdhouse that houses many many parrots and other colorful birds.

This ferris wheel is a very lively piece in the atrium. The photo is bad because it barely shows that the riders in the cars are sun flowers!!!

This very large birdbath/fountain is made of pussy willow and moss. It is very dramatic and lit to have color bounce off the underside.
The shell of this metal snail is made up completely of flowers and most of them are roses.
These hanging watering cans are bigger than a person and are all sprouting water at various intervals.

Okay, that was the Bellagio. Up now is the brand spanking new Encore, sister to the Wynn, a hotel/casino directly next door. A couple years ago we stayed at the newly finished Wynn and I blogged a lot about the decor. You can see it here.
They are distinct in that one is concave in shape on the outside and the other is convex.
These red adorned chandeliers are all over the casino. Click on them to see the gaudy detail. I think they look like red spiders.
The motif throughout the building is butterflies and is very very similar to the flowers that are at the Wynn. The colors, the tile use

seems so similar that I was a little disappointed. That is, until I saw this ceiling detail
at a bar that overlooks a swimming pool. Cocoons maybe? They are kinda like umbrellas but not. I just think it very fun and different.
Back to the butterflies; tile work in a 'lily' pond complete with larger than life red lilies!!!!

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Cindra said...

Isn't Vegas amazing... love it all but most of all the ones using fresh flowers and plants.