Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ebony and Ivory

I have lots to show you, now that the Six Hole Guest Day is over. I will start with the wacky golf we play. The course is 18 holes so for six hole play there are three groups. So for each of the following, there are three on the course.

First off, Bend like Beckham. For the fairway play ( not teeing off or in the rough or on the green)

each team uses a wiffle ball that I disguised as a "soccer" ball by stuffing it with black crepe paper. It worked and I got the balls at the dollar store in groups of five for a buck.
My sister Mike came up with this while we were perusing the dollar store. Two can do it better than one, or so they say.

This band made contortionists of lots of my friends !!!!

Somehow, olives as putting balls came up in conversation while my quilting buddies and I were gabbin' and so the verbiage came into play and the golfers were to putt with olives.

You are going to have to visualize colossal olives with mini marshmallows stuffed in the hole in this colander setting in a bowl of ice. They had to be put out on the green at the last minute due to their frailty so I have no picture.

This pretty much speaks for itself, although I have to say, it was a bear to wear that mask

for even one hole. I don't know how Michael did it.
When the day was over, all but one pair of fuzzy dice were left on the signage. I had to hit the auto parts stores to even come up with three sets. What's this world coming to when you can't get fuzzy dice easily?
I guess I really didn't need a picture of the dice, did I?
This was my personal favorite. It was so cute to see the brides come into dinner. There were 24 of them in all. Someone out there has a picture of all the brides and when I get it, I shall share it with you.

These little veils are 14" long and I just sewed the netting on some lacy ribbon and scrunched it while I sewed it down without even doing a running stitch. It was that easy.
Here's my team and Micky's. I thought we were so clever (although I stole the penguin idea completely from my pal Nancy) with our black and white costumes until I saw our competition. But then, they don't have a bib with a bow tie on it, so there !!
This is my pal Carolyn and her four sisters showing all the stages of Michael Jackson. We could not even believe how good they looked. The penguins just looked fruity compared to these magnificent look a likes.

Linda and Linda came as a bar code (who thinks of this stuff?) and a kindly sister (who happened to give a damn fine grace at dinner and barely swore while giving it!)
The three local convicts who were held at gunpoint were pretty clever too.

These chicks came as Shamu, the killer whale.
And there's nothing wrong with an attractive black and white ensemble.
I had to think when I saw these gals. Black Beard.
Here come the judge.
By the way, these clothes were black and white mostly although these pictures make them look kinda brown.
Here they are again. It's that guy in the Six Flags commercial that you would like to strangle.
These crazy McNellis's !!! The dad happens to be a ref so they had an idea at the get go.
Hey, you crazy convicts you.
These girls came as the lost sock.
Very fashionable in their little black dress and gloves. What's with the red hats?
This is a newspaper team.
And last but not least, a White Sox team. Go White Sox !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a very good time again. A totally creative bunch! How did the olive penguins go over?


dee said...

I was so looking forward to these photos. Always fun to see. Thanks for the laughs.