Monday, August 10, 2009

Goin' To The Chapel

Nancy and I are at the pool. I never do the pool scene, what with all that skin cancer floating around the chaise lounges, but I have made an exception today. After all, it is 8 a.m. and we are in the shade; I have sunscreen on and we have an umbrella. This is a whole different world that I am experiencing. People were waiting at the doors in a very large group for the pool to be accessed for the day. They stake out their territory, leaving all their worldly goods on their lounge chair, in the hopes that no one will usurp them while they are having their breakfast, or getting a few more minutes of shut eye.

I am writing this in word and will go to our room to post it before my 24 hours of paid (($14.99) internet service runs out in a couple hours. Paying for a day came in handy when we needed to know how old Martha Stewart was and how old William Devane (Knots Landing) is. I seem to dwell on all the important things in life.

All four of us went to see Mysterie (Cirque de Soleil) last night and had a great time. We were close enough to the stage to really see the tying off and on of cables that allowed them to do what they do. Katie (21 years young for a day) is having a great time coming of age in Sin City.

We have done tons of walking, going from Mandalay Bay on one end of the strip to Encore, Steve Wynn’s new hotel/casino on the other end. I have tons of pictures but don’t know if I will have time to post before my time runs out. I know, I could spring for another day and bite the $14.99 bullet, but there is principle involved here.

Okay, I wrote that on Sunday morn. When I went back to the room my 24 hours of internet was over so I was too cheap to get another day. I think with all the mula you spend in a resort, giving you what Panera gives you for a sandwich seems only fair. I am home now. Bella is barking at the moon and I don't know why.

Just so you don't think I made up the god daughter and her 21st birthday in order to travel to Vegas, here she is on the morning, or shall I say, late afternoon after the transition from sneaking around bars with multiple fake id's to the real thing. She seems to have weathered the night quite well.
You know how I like to take pictures of unique flower arrangements and this place is no exception.
It is right outside of where Nancy and I have been getting our morning java jolt and I actually
saw them freshening up this with new flowers. I will post some pretty cool stuff I photographed
before I get in the world wind of preparing for my two week trip to Shanghai. I leave in less than a week. Yikes!!!!!

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Cindra said...

just out of curiosity are you going with your friend that is developing the shoe line?
What a fabulous experience.